We develop strategic PR concepts
based on years of experience and
comprehensive industry expertise.

What is the goal?

At the beginning of every cooperation we always ask the same questions: What is the goal? Who should be reached? Which messages should be conveyed? On this basis, we develop an individual mix of measures and topics for each customer that is best suited to the defined goals, target groups and messages. We support our customers as long-term oriented, strategic consultants and service providers. As professionals at eye level who speak your language – and the language of your customers.

Strategy is not an end in itself

Developing an effective communication strategy is not an end in itself. What use is a presentation written in the best consultant German if the proposed PR projects are neither practicable nor appropriate for the target group? We don't waste your time or money with consulting services that don't bring you any added value. Our type of press work is strategically sound. We set ourselves ambitious but realistic goals. With a clear definition of your goals, target groups and messages. And an action plan that guarantees you an optimal cost-benefit effect. Effective press work can be reduced to two technical terms: newsmaking and storytelling. The great success of our press work is based on the fact that we develop topics and stories that have real added value from the point of view of your target groups. In doing so, we consistently focus on the requirements of your target media and thus achieve the highest possible print rates. And this with 100% focus on your business goals and the interests of your customers.

Our range of services includes press releases, specialist articles, employee and customer magazines, product launches and tests, press conferences, trade fair PR and press tours/press events.

It is always designed to cover the entire area of ​​press and public relations - from corporate and image communication to product-based press work to crisis and internal communication. We act as an external press office that provides appropriate tools depending on requirements.

Digital video content in particular has been experiencing a global boom since 2019 at the latest - due to the Covid 19 pandemic - and is now the undisputed most successful content format in the online sector. We stage your content in a targeted manner via renowned network agencies. We see ourselves as creative consultants and reliable partners when it comes to digital video content.

Idea, script, storyboard, direction, shooting, sound, editing, post-production - all creative services transparent and compact from a single source!

Of course, we also see an important part of our strategy in storytelling, which reaches your target group through the right channels. We see ourselves as a communications consultancy that combines the advantages of a PR agency and a social media agency.

Building on our basis, we develop a mix of indirect and direct PR, which both reacts to the customer market and takes the respective company "on board" with its individual characteristics. The target group is not only the media, but also the company employees and the external public.

  • Press information, releases and invitations
  • Article
  • Blog posts
  • Interviews
  • Digital Video Content
  • Employee and customer magazines
  • Product launches and tests
  • Press conferences
  • Trade fair PR
  • Press Tours/Press Events
  • Corporate Communications
  • Press distribution list for Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Conceptual advice for corporate and product PR
  • Personal and regular exchange with journalists
  • Media cooperation
  • Organization of press appointments for press trips or events