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Targeted press work

What use is the best product or offer if the target group does not know it? PR Müllers ensures the appropriate attention and places news in those media that are noticed by potential customers - our feeling for good and interesting stories, our many years of know-how and the best contacts to German, Austrian and Swiss journalists make it possible.

Under the ever-increasing time pressure, the individual media representatives process and select an ever-increasing flood of information. Against this background, it is particularly important to provide journalists with relevant information. In addition, a press release that can be used by the media should not only formally meet all the criteria, but also be written in such a way that the news value is brought to the point.

For company founders and startups in particular, professional PR and a corresponding media presence are of fundamental importance - and the best way to get started with making your own offer known. Whether you're launching a new, brilliant product or offering an innovative service, you need to let your target audience and potential clients know about the launch of your business. And from the very first hour. Therefore, you should think about PR and media work a few weeks before actually founding a company, so that you are ready when the time comes. Of course you also want to invest your valuable time in the development of your young company - and that's a good thing. On the other hand, the press work doesn't take care of itself. And that's where we come in and look at how such a mutually beneficial cooperation could look like.

Our customers appreciate us as a trustworthy and reliable partner for serious, efficient press and media work. We live and benefit from a diverse, long-term maintained and purposefully expanding network of contacts.

A common basis of trust applies to us not only during the joint business relationship, but especially beyond that. Even when partnerships come to an end, the customer remains king.