Strategic PR concepts based on years of experience and expertise - flexible, individual, tailor-made

Our net of media contacts extends throughout Germany and some of Austria and Switzerland. We regularly conduct press tours, events and fairs, maintaining excellent personal relationships with journalists and editors. These ties extend to business, daily, specialized and lifestyle media, TV and radio, and other entities that serve as PR multipliers.

Our portfolio aims to cover the full range of media and public relations activities. We handle corporate, crisis and internal communication, and provide image management and product-based press services. The ability to make the most of social media in all its many facets is equally important in the ever-changing media landscape. We can serve as a full-fledged external press office or provide the tools necessary to tackle the given PR tasks in-house.

Public Relations services

  • Draft press releases
  • Write articles for specialty media
  • Author whitepapers
  • Draft statements
  • Create employee and customer magazines
  • Support product launches and tests
  • Coordinate interviews
  • Stage press conferences
  • Provide PR support for fairs
  • Organize press tours/ road shows
  • Arrange press events